What is Promise Enterprise About?

A Brief History...

PEC has been in the industry since 1989 as Global Pipe. Several projects were executed as Global Services and since 1996 our new name is Promise Enterprise Corp. is a talented company that unitesa group of professionals and seasoned resources to serve the Industry in Puerto Rico. PEC is a combination of team players with an average experience of more than 20 years, in the Pharmaceutical Construction and Service fields for the Industry in Puerto Rico. We want to provide you with the excellence of our long acquired experience to provide the highest quality standards in the market, the best leadership and the right personnel to serve you and fulfill your needs. The management of and their employees are committed to work together to obtain a workplace clean and safe, free of accidents. To achieve this goal we recognize the importance of developing good policies and procedures for safety and train our employees in these procedures and regulations. We have incorporated the safety procedures, the safety training’s, and the safety inspections into a Safety Program.
“We are sworn to provide a quality by being second to none in our business. Our success depends on the effort and dedication of our healthy and happy employees. It is important that our people positively be sure that works in a safe and healthy environment” .
Letter of Recomendation by Merck & Co., Inc.

Takiron Co,LTD

Takiron's Research and Development Department, Cutting Edge Product Development Section, Functional Materials Laboratory and the product planning departments of various business divisions are earnestly engaged in projects that might lead to new plastics products and businesses by closely investigating material properties from mid- and long-term views and corporate policies.

Takiron Tecnology

TAKIRON has been attempted reducing materials of environment burden in their products. As one result of it,they have achieved development of lead-free products instead of press-laminated plate and various related auxiliary materials which contain stabilizers of lead type.

Takiron IVY-ONE

TAKIRON "IVY-ONE" is a brand-new PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheet material developed by TAKIRON CO., LTD

Takiron PVC Wall Finishing for Pharmaceutical and Hospitals Clean Rooms.

TAakiron "IVY-ONE" is a brand-new FM (*1) special compound approved PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fire retardant (*2) sheet developed by TAKIRON. "IVY-ONE" conforms to critical requirements suchas fire retardant and chemical resistance for the highly sensitive interior walls in clean room of pharmaceutical or food processing industries, those critical requirements are required to implement cleaning and sterilization with chemical solutions at frequent intervals. "IVY-ONE" the first approved material that conforms to the FM4882. This standard was designed specifically for the interior walls application for the clean room. This interior wal l in clean room requires not onl y f i re retardant concerns but al so requires excellent surface smoothness, total seamless and easy installations to minimize shutdown period of the manufacturing operationsin critical production areas. TAKIRON offers "IVY-ONE" as a material conforming to specific criteria to meet with users expectations.
*1: Factory Mutual (FM Approvals) *2: FM 4882 standard

All photos and information are from Takiron Co., LTD.